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Works great, simple and practical with cute options to choose from. Would like to see more choices and would be willing to pay for it. Like to see some kitty cats, dogs, smileys, astrology signs, etc. and other animations. Love the train and pawprints!!!!

Fun & Useful

I am a new Mac user using Mac Magic Trackpad & I was having a little difficulty locating the cursor. This app helps tremendously and also makes it fun! I admit I had a little trouble with it with I first downloaded it (all my own fault) but support was swift to respond and also kind about my silly questions. Thanks for a great app. Hope others will give it a try! J.

Very useful app

I love this app , very useful when I connect my laptop to stream stuff to my big screen Tv 10-15 Ft away , Highly visible and useful when used with remote app on my Ipod touch , I would definetly recommend this app , well worth it ... Thanks !!

A great little tool

Since I switched to using the Internet on my large screen television, I found that sitting relatively far away in my easy chair made it more difficult to see the cursor on the screen. PinPoint was an ideal solution. Very easy setup and very practical.

I Like it

This is very nice, however, I think the cool effects are not many; though I realize that it is dependant on taste. Having the option to use the effect always on, when idle and when active is great. I would like to report a problem when I use pinpoint with the Mac apple store, It makes scrolling very difficult. This however doesnt exist-fortunately- with web browser or any long text document.

Feature packed

In addition to locating your cursor, the Modifier keystroke indicator is quite handy. Well worth the $ if it prevents having to scan your screen to find the cursor!


The configuration is a bit confusing and the documentation on the site doesnt seem to be up to date with the current version. (too many options with non obvious names). Also, it doesnt always work, I have set it to show when I move the mouse, but it doenst always show up.

great point

this pointer app is really great for professors like me i will never need another pointer app , because i now have the best

Great app, but uses a lot of energy

I really, really like PinPoint, and I use it all the time to a) locate my cursor on my big screen, and b) align elements in graphics apps. The only thing I dont like is that its a resource hog. I just upgraded to Mavericks, and was checking out the new features in Activity Monitor. I clicked on the Energy tab, sorted the list by Average Energy Impact, and found PinPoint sitting at the top of the list, with more than double the energy impact of notorious power-hungry apps like Dropbox and Lightroom.

Very useful

I do monthly public demos as well as video tutorials and this application is very useful. Works great and does what it needs. I prefer it to the old OmniDazzle app I used to use. Developer is also great at supporting the app with new versions. If you need this kind of app, this is a great one to get.

Absolutely Perfect !!!! Highly recommend.

I do programming on the Mac and I’m constantly moving between different views and multiple monitors. Way too often I’m either jiggling the mouse or sweeping from screen to screen until the tiny Mac cursor catches my eye. NOT knowing instantly where the cursor is at all times is a distraction to focusing on my work, frustrating and decreases my productivity . Pinpoint is wonderfully customizable, so I made a cursor exactly as I wanted; highly visible without being obtrusive. It’s simple and intuitive to use. Highly recommend it! It’s expensive but worth very penny.

Cross-Line fault .. Fixed on 3.7.9

The following problem has been fixed within a week!! Thank you! ================ Cross-Line mode on Mavericks has a problem. I’m using PinPoint on 3 screens. #1 is left side, #2 is right side, #3 is bottom side of #1&#2. #1(Main using) is Cross-Line, normally. #2(Right) is Vertical-Line, only. No horizontal line. #3(Bottom) is Horizonal-Line, only. No vertical line. Each screen is Cross-Line on Mountain Lion. So, it’s a problem on Mavericks, I think. Please repair of this problem. Regards

"c" key is ignored ! <= CORRECTION !

It works properly somehow if Marverics (OSX10.9) is installed. Former review is limited on the noted environment ?? ///// Useless app !! When the PinPoint 3.7.10 (incl. older versions) is installed, "c" key is not recognised (nothing happens if pressed.) Press "c" together with shift-key, "C" is appeared properly. [ MacBook Pro (early 2011), 16GB memory, 320GB HDD, OSX 10.8.5 ] By the way, Support->contact us does not work. Mail is rejected as junk mail. /////

Nifty options, but not without irritation...

I love everything about this application except the fact that I have to look at it every time I log in. I dont want it in my menu bar so I unchecked that option, but now when I log in it shows the option window instead--which I also dont want. And I also dont want my pointer highlighted by default... As with a lot of other users, I just want it available when I cant see my pointer. There are lot fof great customization options but having to dismiss the window and turn off the highlighting at every log in is a deal breaker. Looks like Ill be going back to MouseLocator until this gets fixed...

Hide on startup?

I havent tried this, but based on what you say, maybe theres a way to not have it show when it starts. If its a login item, then go to System Preferrences, Accounts, Login Items and check the "hide" box next to it. In theory, that should prevent it from showing up on startup. Best guess Ive got.

Nice but...

The custom image feature always displays my images upside down. I would love to have the custom image option on but it gets annoying when my image is turned upside down.

Very nice when using multiple screens

I set it to only appear when the mouse is in motion. I have it set to a giant mouse pointer, which is visible but not distracting. There is also a setting to toggle whether the pointer is enabled based on a keystroke. It doesnt look like some reviewers know this option exists. very useful when I dont need to have the pointer arround. I dont know if it is a new feature but the ability to display what function keys are being pressed seems useful for screencasts. It should have an option to only display for as long as you are pressing a function key, though. If you set the timing to 0, it doesnt display at all. Overall I like it for what it is.


Great on all Macs to quickly and easily see your pointer, especially useful on the big iMac screen

Exactly what I needed

I wanted to demonstrate an iPad app on the simulator, but I needed a clear when to show the finger touches; the tiny default mouse cursor didnt cut it. This app did exactly what I needed: it has enough options so that I could customize it to work perfectly for my purpose.

Excellent little utility

Loosing the pointer on a cluttered desktop is easy - finding it can be difficult. Pinpoint makes this task VERY easy. I have configured it to be on only when I move the pointer. Lion has caused a conflict where the dashboard is forced to the finder window when I move the pointer with poinpoint on. The developer has a fix waiting for app store approval and has been very responsive to my questions/suggestions.

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